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 February Congressionals

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PostSubject: February Congressionals   Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:31 am

I am addressing you in the hopes of winning your support and your vote, to represent you as a congressman in Delaware.

Foreign Affairs

I believe that eCanada’s success will be advanced through understanding its position in the New World and preparing strategies to grasp those opportunities. An eCanadian agenda must be clearly described and articulated by our Prime Minister in order to ensure that the actions of the government have a clear goal and strategy to bring it to fruition.

A lot of alliances will need to be renewed in February. The government must be held accountable to ensure that the correct alliances (or MPPs as they’re called in game) are the ones necessary to advance the eCanadian agenda. Any renewal must be examined diligently by the government. I will do my part to ensure that they’re held accountable for their actions and decisions.

I believe Canada should remain firmly opposed to imperialism, and must continue to support our allies in the fight against PHOENIX, and any coming aggressor, defending our sister countries when they are threatened by menacing countries. eCanada must continue to be a symbol of progress and prosperity, but our enemies must know that our country will not hesitate to fight and has the resources to do so.


Innovative and inclusive projects must be created not only to increase the gold reserve, but to increase player retention in eCanada. Further projects must be implemented in order to begin to recall eCanadian funds in circulation globally. The government must have a realistic budget and the laws passed must not increase the unnecessary printing of CAD. Additionally, the government must export more products to foreign countries to bring in gold to eCanada.

Domestic Affairs

The Ministry of Health and Social Services should be responsible for providing moving tickets to all players in a non Q5 hospital region so that they may move to a region with a Q5 hospital as suggested by our Prime Minister. Additionally, Q5 hospitals should be placed in the most populous regions first with the sparse ones following afterwords. We should not have 2nd class eCanadians!

So when the vote comes in Delaware, vote for John Flory!
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February Congressionals
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