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 One vision, one future!

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nea milosu

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One vision, one future! Empty
PostSubject: One vision, one future!   One vision, one future! EmptyFri Feb 26, 2010 2:11 pm

Good day friends of the CNC, it is with great pleasure and honor that I present myself in front of your party today to ask for your support in the upcoming ellections on the 5th of march. I want my friends in the CNC there with me on ellection day and with me in my cabinet. Togheter we can change Canada and make it a better place for each and everyone of our citizens. I pledge to dedicate my full resources to this job and do the very best any man can do. I set my self a set of goals that I hope to achieve in the following month but i will not stop only to them. I want the honor to run under the CNC flag, I want the honor to represent you and the whole Canada. That being said I will let you get a glimpse of my platform and hope that you join me and help me take Canada into a new era.

Thank you CNC! Thank you friends!

One vision, one future! Sexyshiet2


One vision, one future! Hp-pa-002

Talking about the military you can't avoid talking about the Canadian Armed Forces, their dedication to preserving this country and their constant efforts in securing our borders. For this I think we should all applaud their dedication, readiness, determination and the courage that they proven in so many occasion either fighting to defend their flag or fighting alongside their brothers down south against the Brits, the CAF has proven time
and time again that it's a fighting machine ready to fight where Canada needs them to fight, ready to sacrifice every bit of wellness for their friends and their enemies.

This is why I think that the CAF should get as much support from the government as possible, that is why I propose we help them more then we already are. This would be a 2 step operation:

Step I:
Help soldiers of the CAF start companies for their platoons, offer up to 50 % of the starting cost (may vary from case to case). This way our soldiers can make gifts to raise their wellness, weapons to fight better or save some money for those dark days that might hit us hard. Some of our brave soldiers already manifested interest in starting companies within the platoon and I believe that their initiative should be encouraged.

Step II:
Help our dedicated soldiers with their training. We need to keep an effective unit of elite hitters that can bring a lot of damage in a short span of time and we all know that 1.8 Gold a day is quite much for any citizen out there, that is why I propose we pay for their training in exchange they would work for the Canadian government at a really small salary either at SPP, the Ministry of Industries or Shinra. This would ensure that Canada has a decent tanking force for the future and it means Canada can bring up more and more damage to the table and become a big player.

--Requirements for training support from the government: 25 str or higher
--Member of the CAF Regulars (or Elites) (or letter of recommendation from both Coda and ramizeth)

But the CAF are not our only heroes, we have private militias operating in Canada, militias that sacrifice personal goal for the sake of Canada, their merit is as high as the CAF's. They deserve more recognition, they deserve a voice. That's why I would like to continue the work jbdivinus
started with the OSS and take it to the next level. What I am proposing is getting the militias active. We need their opinion as we need the CAF's opinion. I am proposing we treat them as equals to the CAF and create for the first time in Canada a channel of communication between the Prime Minister, the CAF High Command and the leaders of this militias. This would ensure that at all times we make the best possible military decision we can.

One vision, one future! Gold001

As an older player I learned that money basically runs this game, either you have a big stash of gold or the ability to make one really quickly you always need gold and you never have enough. The thing that should worry us the most is the fact that V2 is coming and that means we will have to spend gold to adapt to the changes and to assure our citizens of a smooth transition. V2 might happen in march it may not however it would be my duty as Prime Minister to ensure that Canada is ready to face the brand new game that will be launched and ready to face the deepest problems that may emerge because of it.

This is why in addition to the stash of gold I will be building I will also get the Ministry of Education and The eUniversity on a 24/7 streak "painting" V2 ahead of time and preparing our GM and citizens for it's implementation. Needless to say that the Ministry of Industries will
continue to operate at 100% until about half the term then slowly it should shut down. We already have a big stockpile of items that might disappear in V2 (gifts, iron) or that will become obsolete (weapons or tickets). Increasing this stocks without a clear message from the admins about what will happen to them might prove to be a waste of money, a waste that we could avoid. We have a
stockpile that is big enough to ensure in the eventuality these items are still needed or even still usable we can benefit form them to the maximum. The only reason the Ministry of Industries will remain open during my term is to keep skill 0 jobs on the market for our younger citizens and


One vision, one future! Picture11464821

One of the things I invested a lot of time during my eLife was the social part of the game, after all we are as strong as our community is and the only thing any government should invest is it's citizens. While I have to agree that significant progress was made in the last few months I think we have a long road ahead of us, a road that is both difficult and rewarding, a road that will test our determination to the maximum. What do I think this road should look in the next month for Canada?

First of all we need to work on our retention rate of our new players. It is useful to start a baby-boom without the ability to keep them in the game. How do I propose we do this? By taking the 3 institutions responsible of teaching and sharing info to the next level of cooperation and dedication. This would mean that The New Players Program, the eUniversity and the Ministry of Education will go trough major changes to maximize their output, that means that the governments mentality regarding this new players will change and we will spend more time and money teaching them what they need to know and raising our next generation of presidents, tanks or journalists. To do this we have to expand our team of mentors and tutors, make more and more experienced players to chip in and get some newbies under their wing and share their knowledge with them.

In addition to this the Ministry of Education would work in a Close relationship with the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Ministry of Industries get our babies to health as soon as possible and get them settled in the game and in the community.

But our new players are not the only thing we should focus on, we have old players that need us as much as the babies do. Their understanding of the game will be challenged in a very short term, their game will change and some of them will have a very hard time in getting used to the new eRepublik, what we need to be sure of is that every citizen is ready for V2 and ready to make the choices that will alter their future eLife. This again falls under the Ministry of Education and the eUniversity. Their job will be to start painting a possible image of how eRepublik will look in V2 and let our give our citizens to get used to V2 before it is even launched. As much as old citizens will need to get a grasp of V2 and get to understand it's concepts they will also need one more thing, they will need a government that is accountable, fair and able to respond to any accusations. I have in plan to create a database accessible to any and all Canadians in which they will be able to look at logs that record how the government is spending their money. This would ensure an accountability unprecedented not only in Canada but in the world. We could then say that the government trusts it's citizens and in return our citizens can trust us.

French Community:

One vision, one future! Dscn1140-1

It is my belief that in the past several months our french community has been neglected by the government and I think it is time to stop this. How I propose to stop this? How do I propose we make another step towards a truly bilingual Canadian community? Trough the Office Francophone. Their aid in the past has been invaluable and I believe it is time for them to take it to the next step, implement a recruiting strategy to get bilingual Canadians included in the project and help us hammer the barrier that was raised between the English speaking community and the French speaking community. It is my belief that the French community has brought invaluable contributions to our government, our community and our armies and I want them to really feel that their government is looking over them, protecting them and valuing their contributions. That is why in the following month, everything the government launches in press will be translated into french so that anyone no matter the language they speak will know what we are doing for them and what we will be doing.

I also plan to use the forum to launch a new information channel that will keep every citizen updated to how the new world is changing and what Canada is doing to adapt, this would of course be both in English and in French in addition to this every Canadian citizen will be able to make complaints against their government trough a form on google docs. Using this both French and English speaking Canadians will be able to communicate with their government which is a leap from the past when the communication was only done one way (government to citizen)

Foreign Affairs:

One vision, one future! ForeignRelations_Banner

If it is one domain that Canada excells at that is the Foreign Affairs, we have some of the best ambassadors out there and we are considered a friend by many countries in the New World, the progress that Derek Harland and Jacobi did was enormous, we got from nothing to being a member of the strongest alliance in game, having strong allies and friends and being respected by countries all around the world.

But sometimes good is not good enough, I am a perfectionist and I think that if we can make progress then we should that's why with the help of AngryMobMan I am going to set a course for new ambassadors and train our next generation of ambassadors. We need more ambassadors as there are people that are inactive or people that had quit. This people need replacements and replacements that can handle the job and continue to improve Canada's relationship with all the countries either enemies, allies or neutrals. By doing so I am confident that we can furthermore improve our image in the world of erepublik and make new friends where we would normally see enemies.
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One vision, one future! Empty
PostSubject: Re: One vision, one future!   One vision, one future! EmptyFri Feb 26, 2010 4:20 pm

Thanks for posting up and showing interest in our backing Fram.
Nice looking platform too.

Crowned Prince of the CNC
6X Elected Congressman
Member of the order of Canada
Field Marshall of strength 18+
Loyal eCanadian Knight
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nea milosu

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One vision, one future! Empty
PostSubject: Re: One vision, one future!   One vision, one future! EmptyFri Feb 26, 2010 4:47 pm

Thank you Treian, I will post my cabinet soon enough to.
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nea milosu

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One vision, one future! Empty
PostSubject: Re: One vision, one future!   One vision, one future! EmptyMon Mar 01, 2010 1:48 pm

I will leave you with a copy of my cabinet and a big thanks for everything the CNC did for Canada from the seccond it was created.

Prime Minister - Fram ( nea milosu )

deputy Prime Minister - Adasko

deputy Prime Minister- Acacia

Chief of State - Treian ( if you don't get ellected as speaker)


Minister of Economic Affairs: Sir DeLaShaunRon Smith
MoF: Taiwan Panda
Minister of National Revenue: Chamrajnagar
Minister of Industries: Citizen B


Minister of Defence: Derek Harland
deputy Minister of Defence: supabeasty
Office of Strategic Services: SledDog
Minister of Civil Defence: Connor MacLeod

Minister of Education: Booleus
Director of The New Players Program: AngryMobMan
Minister of Justice:Goran Thrax
Minister of Official Languages: pandobox
Minister of Immigration: Kilgore Trout
Minister of Communication: Greg McNeish
Minister of Health: Saya Insbruck
French Communitty Liason: Fox Blutch

Foreign Affairs:
Minister of Foreign Affairs: jfstpierre
Ambassador Corps: M.H.Aurelius

Military: Goran Thrax, Jt Vanguard, Coda, Derek Harland
Politics: jbdivinus, Jacobi, Nosyt
Economics: Sir DeLaShaunRon Smith, Taiwan Panda , Addy Lawrence

Again, thank you CNC for everything you have done.
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One vision, one future! Empty
PostSubject: Re: One vision, one future!   One vision, one future! Empty

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One vision, one future!
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