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 A Warlord for Canada

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PostSubject: A Warlord for Canada   A Warlord for Canada EmptyTue Mar 30, 2010 10:35 pm

I hope I'm not too late, regardless here is my preliminary announcement with a rough outline of my plans.

A Warlord for Canada SuperStock_1566-0168743
Bruck being Bruck

It’s been a while since I have had the honour to write an article quite like this. Never mind the Party President elections for the Canadian Empire Party, that was more of a hobby run and if those results are any indication I pick my hobbies good. I’ve been mad, I’ve cracked some skulls, I will do it again if I have to but that was all for me and my party.

This time it’s not about that.

It’s not about what I want, this time Canada I’m doing it for you. Anyone else notice how boring things have been lately? Where’s the action? Where are the real eCanadian issues? Sure we have made up a few ones, Sam the Champ gets citizenship back and some people somewhere considered renting a region but when you look for them in public everyone seems to be on the same side. But that’s what we do Canada, when we have no external foe we pick at each other. If there isn’t a battle going on by the time you've read this, go around checking some other article's grammar. Hey, that might be fun.

But really…you need better Canada, you deserve better. And so without any further adieu I give you my gift Canada, I will run for Prime Minister of this great land and ensure that we go into V2 with both feet forward and strong leadership at the helm to whether the inevitable storm.

A Warlord for Canada Grantorinoclinteastwood2349230423rw
Need I say more?

I hope I startled you and better yet I hope it was in a good way, but if it wasn’t I look forward to the trolling, that’s sure to bring some fire back!

Now before I continue unfortunately I need to take a moment to explain game mechanics because this question always arises. Yes, a candidate can run for President and be on the ballot on the 5th if they are proposed by a non top 5 party so long as there are not 5 larger parties also running candidates. I hope that is clear, eRep will allow me to run for CP regardless of whether I am proposed by just the CEP or not. Besides, I’m not about to let some silly rule like that stop me even if it were true.

I am not a politician, it’s been so long since I was one that I have almost forgotten how. What I am is a leader, whether it can be accounted to just my “cult of personality” or that I have been able to hold together a group of slave wage earning soldiers since Canada wasn’t even a nation. The fact remains, when people need to be drawn together in times of crisis I am the man to call. And let me tell you eCanada, while the issues of the day seem to be the same old French Canada vs. English Canada or should we give away part of our country the real issues are lurking beyond our borders and yes…we are in crisis.

EDEN and the Broliance are struggling to stay together and Phoenix is laughing from afar. But not for long they won’t be. I was President when ATLANTIS fell beneath the weight of it’s own leaders unwillingness to cooperate. I’ll say what I said then, we must fight as one if we are to survive. You might hate your neighbour but in the Zombie Apocalypse you're still going to need him to duel wield sawed off shotguns if you want to look at a non-gnawed off face the next morning.

A Warlord for Canada Dual_wielding_ak47
Just look at him, what an ass! But that man saved my life...and his fly is down.

Speaking of gnawing off faces, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing as a nation if you back me as President. I have an extensive military career in eRepublik. I am the Crimson Commander of The Crimson Order, an order founded by myself personally following WWIII that stands at around 150 members in three countries today. A time when Canada found itself without a home and with lots of guts. Back to when I was President and decided where and when our nation would strike for three consecutive months, and strike we did, for good or ill. The facts have been twisted too many times by those with vendettas. Back further still to where I got my start in the CAF, first as a trooper, then soon after to a platoon commander, and eventually to General in overall command and directly preceding Coda. Besides being a leader I’m a military man at heart and I will always be a military man, most of all in a game that revolves around war. It only makes sense to have someone who knows how to win at the helm when you're risking everything. I know I wouldn’t trust my fate to a true politician, I wouldn’t trust them to kiss my baby.

A Warlord for Canada Ignatieffwhat
Just look at him! He ate it! My poor baby what's his name...

If there was anything just as important as a healthy supply of war and carnage it would without a doubt in my mind have to be the economy. V2 is right around the virtual corner and if we, the government and people, do not get as much money and gold tucked away as we possibly can we won’t be able to afford all those shiny new upgrades the admins have planned, because that’s what it’s all about after all. With the introduction of the new hospital system, Q1 food becomes obsolete, especially so if gifts disappear as expected. That means upgrade or die. The same goes for the government, we need money to support the military, social programs, and growth as a nation as a whole, all of which I have proposed programs for, but these things cannot come about unless the government has gold in it’s accounts and plans with 3 backups in place for V2. We need crown corporations to exploit our titanium resources and export them worldwide, bringing in foreign currency and strengthening the Canadian dollar. We need to use the Monetary Markets to augment our CAD into gold to build the stockpiles before so that when V2 comes we aren’t sitting around writing a wish list of all the things we would like to do.

A Warlord for Canada MoneyPit
A Bruck government would ensure eCanada had 'great ol piles of money' in V2, which we would bury in holes

I’ll go into much more detail when I release my entire platform but this should be enough wet your appetite. If you like what you see there will be more so check back soon. When I do something I do it full force so on voting day you won’t just be thinking about voting for Bruck, you’ll have decided 3-4 times in the last week.

That’s all for now,
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A Warlord for Canada
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