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 Jefflav for President in april !!!

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Jefflav for President in april !!! Empty
PostSubject: Jefflav for President in april !!!   Jefflav for President in april !!! EmptyThu Apr 01, 2010 4:03 pm

As you all know I am looking for support for the Presidential elections on April 5th 2010. Ever since I joined Erepublik I was interested in become a leader and just helping all citizens of eCanada. Well this is something I want to accomplish with this Presidential run. eCanada has a lot of problems right now and some stuff to be work on and I want to be the one to fix all those problems with my experience cabinet and with my fellow congressman. Since we are living difficult times right now in eCanada with the recent recession and with V2 coming up quickly we need a CP that will guide us through all of this and make sure we don’t fall in the cracks and have the worst economy in Erepublik but we are strong us eCanadians and we will get through it together has a team. Because the world wouldn’t be complete without us. So here is my platform for the upcoming Presidential elections. Enjoy !

1. Economy

Well I want to get us out of that recession and get eCanada up and running again with a great economy. So I have numerous plans to get our economy running well first of all I will put in place operation: `` Buy Canadian``. This consist on all eCanadians to buy from only eCanada companies and we will also try and get other countries also to buy products from us such has rare resource. I’m not saying that we got to sell our titanium no I’m saying we should use it to our advantages to help another problem get better but just sell a certain percentage to Eden countries so we make a profit.


Like I said a little higher we should use the titanium to our advantages but I have no intentions of renting regions because I am anti-renting regions but I will let the congressman decide what we should do but I want to keep all titanium regions and sell a certain percentage to an Eden country. Why because we would make a profit on selling it and it would help our economy.

3. V2

I want to continue every plan to get ready for v2 like the baby boom and make gold reserves higher. I also want to help our army prepare for the changes because military is going to get more complex and it going to be more fun then clicking on a button in the middle of the page with got to learn about these changes. Also educate all eCanadians about the new changes like jobs, military, happiness and a lot more. I have a lot more to say about but I will tell you about it tomorrow.

4. Foreign affairs

I want us eCanadians to keep a good relationship with all countries but I think eCanada is ready for a real war but I will tell you about that tomorrow also. Like I said higher I’m not for selling out our regions just selling a percentage of titanium to countries of Eden.

5. Militia groups

All militia groups of eCanada should get more funding to help keep up doing there good jobs and let them know there country is proud of them. Each group such as the Canucks and more should get funds for v2 to buy more weapons and tanks and so on.

I will do my best to give you guys more details on all of the points by tomorrow night.

Thank you

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Jefflav for President in april !!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jefflav for President in april !!!   Jefflav for President in april !!! EmptyThu Apr 01, 2010 4:41 pm

We already held our nomination vote.

Thank you for applying.

Jefflav for President in april !!! 1511826

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Jefflav for President in april !!!
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