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 The Party Platform of the Canadian National Coalition

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PostSubject: The Party Platform of the Canadian National Coalition   Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:58 am

The Canadian National Coalition Platform

The Canadian National Coalition is guided in its framework and its policy basis by the following principles:

A Non-partisan Party
The CNC was originally founded as a party through which all parties could bring congressional candidates to prevent any political takeover of Canada. While now the CNC will have its own policy directives we will continue working together with all other political parties for the good of Canada.

The Reunification of all Canadian Provinces
At this time the Canadian people have removed 3 occupying nations from Canada The Canadian National Coalition believes in a complete restoration of all rightful Canadian provinces. The CNC does not believe the payment of Gold or any other deal by which we would pay for the return of Canadian provinces. The CNC believes that the restoration of our provinces take priority within the framework of the allied Effort to restore not only our own native land but other countries as well.

Canadian Military Security
The CNC believes in a strong organized and well funded Canadian Military. We recognize that while eRepublik is more than a war game the war aspect is one of the fundamental portions of this game and as such the CNC will push for continual improvements in the Canadian Military services. The CNC believes that it is of the utmost importance for eCanadian security that young eCanadians are quickly progressed through the military ranks. We support the most recent CAF reforms, and the addition of the Canadian Rangers. We will continue to promote improvements to the Canadian Army structure to Maximize Canadian Capabilities on an ongoing basis.

Foreign Policy
The CNC believes in protecting eCanada through continued investment in existing alliances and the opening of new alliances and by extension protection pacts so as to discourage any aggressor nation from opening a war against eCanada. Furthermore as one the only nations in the eWorld to have been completely removed from the map we the CNC believe that going forward as a sovereign and WHOLE nation that eCanada will fight for the restoration of all allied nations to their sovereign state.

Economic Policy
A belief that the best guarantors of the prosperity and well-being of the people of Canada is maintaining a competitive economy in the global market place. We believe that this is maintained through low taxation, and believe that it is the duty of Government to continually expand the trading capabilities of eCanada in the global market place.

Domestic Policy
The CNC believes that all provinces should have their own hospitals so as to help the increase Canada’s damage potential as well as help eCanadians level through their battle ranks again to increase security. THe CNC believes the reconstructon of eCanadian infastructure should begin taking place now.
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The Party Platform of the Canadian National Coalition
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