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 September Congressional Presentations

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Cristine Roberge


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PostSubject: Cristine Roberge platform for congress election in Quebec   Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:11 pm

Bonjour à tous!

Mon nom est Cristine Roberge et je suis Assistante Directrice des médias pour la Coaliton Nationale Canadienne CNC

Comme je l' ai dit dans mon article précédant, je me présente comme candidate dans la course au congrès qui aura lieu le 24 septembre.

Quel sont mes motivations ?

Tout d'abord je désire servir mon pays la ou je peux être utile en faisant profiter mes compétences
et mes qualités à mon parti politique et au citoyen(ne)s Canadien(ne)s. Si je suis élue au congrès
je pourrai travailler au sein d'une équipe dynamique et expérimenté.

Je m'engage à servir le eCanada, les Canadien(ne)s, au meilleur de mes connaissances, avec tout le dynamisme et le cœur dont je peux faire preuve ! Je veux que mon pays
grandisse en force et en superficie, que ce soit un endroit ou il fait bon vivre pour ceux qui l'habitent.
Le Canada est un pays remplis de ressources naturelles et de gens tout aussi riche en ressources, ce qui nous ouvres les portes sur de grandes opportunités économiques qui ne demandent qu'à être exploités !

Je m'engage à travailler pour que le pays soit fortifié en force militaire. Le Canada a été amputé de ses territoires et provinces, ainsi que de ces citoyen(ne)s, notre pays est incomplets, récupérer les terres qui nous reviennent de droit, et armer le pays de façon efficace est très important pour moi.plusieurs citoyens Canadiens ont été éparpillés à travers le monde et ne demandent qu'à réintégrer leur pays, le Canada peut et se doit de les aider!

Plusieurs provinces n'ont pas accès à des hopitaux pour recevoir les soins nécessaire, nous devons de facon tres urgente implanter des hopitaux pour que notre peuple soit en santé et apte à se battre pour leur liberté et leur pays.

Je m'engage à travailler activement avec les gens mis en place au CNC, au gouvernement, et des autres pays avec qui nous avons tissé des alliances.

Comme vous pouvez les constater j'ai des rêves qui sont aussi des buts pleinement réalisables mais pour se faire j'ai besoin de votre appuis le 24 septembre 2009 ! Vous pouvez compter sur moi , à mon tour pourrais-je compter sur vous ?

Hi everybody !

My name is Cristine Roberge and I am Assistant Director of Media Affairs for Canadian National Coalition CNC

As I said in my previous article, I intend to run to be congresswoman for Quebec this September 24.

What are my motivations ?

First of all, i desire to serve my country where I can be helpful in sharing my skills and quality to the
Canadian citizens and to my political party. If I'm elected at the congress i will be able to work within a dynamic and experienced team.

I am committed to serve eCanada and the Canadians, to the best of my knowledge, with all the vitality and heart that I can! I want my country to grow in strength and size, whether it be a place where life is good for those who live there. Canada is a country full of natural resources and people as rich in resources, which opens doors to great business opportunities, which are waiting to be exploited!

I pledge to work for our country ,to be fortified by military force. Canada was stripped of its territories, provinces and citizens. Our country is incomplete, recover the lands that rightfully belong to us and arm the country effectively is very important to me. Also many Canadians citizens are still scattered around the world and are eager to return to their country, Canada can and must help them to come back!

Several provinces have no access to hospitals to receive necessary care, we need in a very urgent way to establish hospitals for our people to be healthy and able to fight for their freedom and land.

As you can see I have dreams that are fully achievable, those dreams are also my goals , but I do need your support September 24, 2009! You can count on me, can I count on your support by voting for
me ?

can be read at
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PostSubject: Congressional Platform for Alto Deraqwar - Yukon   Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:55 pm

Alto DeRaqwar – The Boring choice

My Fellow eCanadians

Last month I promised war! War with end, war today and tomorrow, war for our economy, war to make you healthy, war for excitement and adventure. Well since then we’ve had plenty of battles (at least one every day) and have seen both France and Iran expelled from Canadian soil. For which I personally can claim a sum total of about 0.01% responsibility...yes that’s right 0.01%, why? Because deciding which battles to fight and which enemies to target has almost absolutely nothing to do with Congress, those powers are in the hands of the President. The 0.01% I can claim is votes to donate money from the Canadian treasury to our war efforts and my five fights a day.

So if my whole platform was based around advocating for more war and I have nothing to do with that what have I been doing? Well it turns out one of the most important functions of Congress is to develop, monitor and maintain taxes, acts and laws for eCanada. All that boring stuff that no-one really cares about except that nerdy guy who gets excited when he finds a misplaced “or” has turned a new law on its head.

I am that guy, I wear an anorak, I have a mighty beard and I actually read precedent judgements to determine if a proposed law will stand up in the Supreme Courts. Here’s the most important part you need me to be that guy. That’s right while other members of congress jet around shaking hands and kissing babies, living the exciting life with the perfect teeth and the firm handshake I’ll be there to back them up by dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. I am the nerd for eCanada, there is no need to thank me simply chose your vote wisely this congress election.

Vote Alto Deraqwar for Yukon
Vote the sensible choice.

P.S. If election I also promise to slip a rider into one of the future laws for the deployment of all future stripper factories and the creation of beer volcanoes to Yukon.
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PostSubject: Congressional Platform for Ian1 - Newfoundland and Labrador   Wed Sep 23, 2009 11:36 am

Hello, my name is Ian1 and I am running for congress in Newfoundland and Labrador. I am an active player, and while I might be relatively new, I am committed to helping eCanada to reach its full potential as a nation. I will fight to reclaim all of Canada’s provinces, try to get another Q5 hospital in eCanada and I will always do what I believe to be in eCanada’s interests. I will never use my position in congress for personal gain. I will also listen to people’s needs, ideas and wishes and do my best to discuss and hopefully implement them. Thank you for your time and I hope that you choose to vote for me on the 24th.
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PostSubject: Treians congressional presentation/platform.   Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:10 pm

Here is my posted presentation for the upcomming congressional elections.
Please vote it up!!!
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Rob Arkell

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PostSubject: Rob Arkell for Congress in NWT   Wed Sep 23, 2009 12:26 pm

I'll be running for congress in NWT and my platform can be found here
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PostSubject: Congressional Platform   Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:19 pm

I am tired, as I think many of you are. This government has seen us through some hard times. They have done the best they can in order to rebuild Canada from the shattered ashes left by PEACE! We have rebuilt, and are continuing. What we need to work on, is secrecy. To many things happen in government without the common man knowing, we have a right, we have a need, to be informed of these goings on. Due to a congressional oversight, a known PEACE supporter, and liar, was allowed to become a Canadian citizen, we need someone who will look out and protect us. We need someone who will not bend to pressure, who will stand strong for his fellow Canadians, and keep their best interests at heart. A vote for Siras, is a vote for this type of congressman. We will have our Beautiful Canada back, and we will maintain our pride!
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Agent WAR

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PostSubject: My Congressional Platform   Thu Sep 24, 2009 11:28 am

Good evening,

Having only one term in congress under my belt seems small, yet, I was in congress during a great time in eCanada history. eCanadians banded together and pushed the invaders out of our homeland. From this seemingly measly single term I learned the great love eCanadians share for their country and as another congress member I wish to serve the people and look at what is best for this country that the people have fought so hard to reclaim. Hospitals are an important issue as I myself found myself in a predicament when I wanted to serve in combat to help my friends but lacked a hospital to heal at. I much like the rest of my fellow compatriots have the best intentions in mind for this great country.

I hope for and look forward to your support.

-Agent WAR
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PostSubject: Congress presentation   Thu Sep 24, 2009 7:53 pm

This country has been through a lot these past weeks.We were conquered, then liberated. I have never been a congress member before, but I think I know how to make this country better.I will help fight for a new Q5 hospital in Canada and help liberate our nation from these oppressors known as PEACE and get all our regions back.
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PostSubject: September Congressional Presentations   Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:19 am

These Congressional presentations are for the September 2009 Elections.
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PostSubject: Re: September Congressional Presentations   

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September Congressional Presentations
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